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Tired of spam email?
Have a sparkling clean inbox at Mailmop

100% Effective Spam Blocking
Email from unknown sources is held
until the sender verifies their identity.
Free Email Isn't Free
Stop spending time cleaning spam.
Buy a Mailmop account and be free.
It's That Easy
Mailmop has a lot of bells & whistles
but is easy enough for anyone to use.
Live Help When You Need It
Our experts are just a call away, 24x7.

Mailmop Account Features
Blocks known spammersOne inbox is all you need
Verifies unknown sendersNo extra software is required
Virus checking of emailWorks with Windows & Macintosh
Disposable email addressesFeature-rich WebMail access
Allows receipts, newsletters, etcPOP3 & IMAP access
Sign up today!
• As little as $1.00 per month
• Full 50MB of storage
• Risk free 30-day trial
Free phone & email support

2003 Spam Statistics

Daily spam emails sent12.4 billion
Daily porn emails sent2.5 billion
Email considered spam40%
Wasted time per email4-5 sec.
Email addrs. per person3.1 avg.
Cost to non-corp. users$.26 billion
Est. increase by 200763%

Sources: Jupiter Research,
eMarketer, Harris Interactive,
Gartner, and Ferris Research
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